Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 13th

Sunday afternoon after work I stopped by the Callahans. Cailin is currently traveling all over Asia and she sent her mom and I really cool gifts! I received; a red bracelet with BELLS on it, a beautiful floral knee length tie-skirt, an adorable key chain and a credit-card holder! Mrs.Callahan has been getting goodies on the regular. Amazing earrings, different clothing, etc. While sitting in the living room with Paul and Doreen I couldn't help but realize how comfortable I felt being there just lounging with them. The Callahans always seem to have this incredible positive energy flowing through the house. Doreen and Paul literally open their doors to anyone or anything who comes through, they are the people you WANT to spend your free time with. The callahans are known for their big 'family' dinners, where anyone is invited from Cailins friends, to family friends, to friends who are like family and family. The last few years for the Callahans has not been the easiest but with their positive attitude towards life they keep on keepin' on. Cheers to Paul and Dorreen.

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