Sunday, April 17, 2011

March 26th & March 27th

The house is pretty much empty. The last of the boxes are out and all that is left to do is some finishing touches. Our house is officially up on the market. Bitter Sweet.

March 26th

Summer where are you? I much rather be working a ton of hours then sitting in class any longer. Good bye life. These next last weeks of school are going to kick me ass!

March 25th

ok so I didn't take this picture but I've seen it online before and I recently saw it on my friend Cailins blog. I LOVE the ideas of mermaids. I love mermaid things. I just LOVE them. Some people collect teddy bears others love animal things, I collect mermaids. I think part of it is my mom would always call me her little mermaid when i was ever in the bathtub as a baby or growing up next to the ocean. I still love to swim in the ocean [or any body of water for that matter. ] I love salt water on my skin and in my hair.

"The cure for anything is saltwater...sweat tears or the sea"

March 24th

Today I signed up for a five day challenge of 'living below the line'. Living below the poverty line that is, I am challenging myself to only be able to spend $1.50 per day for five days on food. (and no I can not just eat out of my fridge or cabinet) I have to be as if I live in poverty and $1.50 is all I have to afford to buy food for my day. It's going to be a challenge to say the least. This movement is part of the Global Poverty Project. check out their website and challenge yourself to live below the line.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 23rd

RIP Elizabeth Taylor, a true Hollywood legend and beauty.

March 22

Brown Eyes: I feel like brown eyes get a bad rep. but i love brown eyes! There are so many different shades. This eye is my friend Danny's. I think I'm going to take more pictures of brown eyes.

March 21st

"Good Morning Sarah" ... "Good night CC"

Monday Morning I skyped with Cailin in Laos! She was catching me up on on her latest rock-climbing adventure! Now, anybody who knows Cailin wouldn't necessarily think of her climbing up jagged endges of a freckin' cliff. (see picture above) But nope, she's doing it! Cailin is petrified of heights so I'm so proud of her for experienceing something new. You go CC, couldn't be more proud girl!

March 20th

Happy Spring!

March 19th

The baby shower was fabulous! Max had the best time, she was literally glowing all day. It was so nice to be around family and friends. Max was opening gifts I didn't even know existed for babies! We arrived at the restaurant around 11:30 and headed back home around 2:30/3. When arriving home my mom had something very important in the mail...

March 18th

Friday during the day was spent with my fabulous sister-in-law Maxine. Max took a road trip with my mom and dad up the East Coast back to Jersey for her Baby Shower which was the following day. Friday, Max and I went shopping, out to lunch, and Max got a pedicure. She looked so beautiful all day and especially Saturday during the shower.
As for a picture of the pelican. When my brother Justin, and Max were registering for their baby gifts at Baby R Us, this was the ONLY thing Justin wanted for his daughter. Justin really is something special. :)

March 15th - 17th

Back the Bury

Tuesday - Thursday I took a ride down to Salisbury Maryland. A place I thought I'd never go again! However, there I was taking one more ferry ride over to the University. I went to see my friend Kelly. Kelly and I met in Biology when I went to SU and we just clicked and hit it off. Since then we've talked from once a week to everyday. Kelly and I had so much fun just hanging around. She is hilarous and one of those girls with a "I dont give a fuck attitude". Some of the quotes that come out of Kellys mouth is just ridiclous. For instance, While eating mexican food Kelly said that..."this guacamole is SO good, it tastes like Jesus' semen." HAHA. who says that?! KellBell.

March 14th

Monday at work I was flipping through my latest ELLE magazine (curtesy of Kristin) and I saw that this model had my hair style! I couldn't believe it. I wear my hair in a ballet bun almost every freckin day and I flip the page and there it is. on a model! My hair even does the same thing with fly-aways. Now i never knew this hairstyle was 'in' style. That girl could be me. Hair style, tea, eye makeup, jacket. Can't believe it...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 13th

Sunday afternoon after work I stopped by the Callahans. Cailin is currently traveling all over Asia and she sent her mom and I really cool gifts! I received; a red bracelet with BELLS on it, a beautiful floral knee length tie-skirt, an adorable key chain and a credit-card holder! Mrs.Callahan has been getting goodies on the regular. Amazing earrings, different clothing, etc. While sitting in the living room with Paul and Doreen I couldn't help but realize how comfortable I felt being there just lounging with them. The Callahans always seem to have this incredible positive energy flowing through the house. Doreen and Paul literally open their doors to anyone or anything who comes through, they are the people you WANT to spend your free time with. The callahans are known for their big 'family' dinners, where anyone is invited from Cailins friends, to family friends, to friends who are like family and family. The last few years for the Callahans has not been the easiest but with their positive attitude towards life they keep on keepin' on. Cheers to Paul and Dorreen.

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 12th

Saturday afternoon I came home to these beautiful flowers my boyfriend gave to me. We later headed down to Shop Rite to grab some ingredients for dinner. We cooked dinner and had an amazing night together. Thankyou for everything Jordi, I love you.

March 11th

Friday was busy. In the morning I took my bio exam, then headed home to help my mom and three of my favorite boys pack up some of the house for the big move. For those of you who don't know my parents just bought a home in North Carolina! My parents are going to split their time between Jersey and N.Carolina for a few years because they retire. My three closest guy friends came over to help lift the heavy stuff for my mom and dad. Danny, Bill, and Chris we are so thankful for your help!! After that I ran a few errands and headed into Wildwood Crest to hang with a dear friend of mine, Mrs.Morey. Then I had a fabulous dinner with my Kristin and Tori, it was much needed girl time. After dinner and about three hours or sitting and talking Tori and I headed out to the Ocean Drive in Sea Isle for an hour or two to meet some friends.

March 10th

cramcramcram. studystudystudy. biobiobio. UGH biology, why are you so difficult to understand. Thursday was spent at school, yup, all day. So thankful for my study buddies who wanted to stay an extra hour with me to study for our exam the next day. I hope it paid off!

March 9th

lunch with Sarah on Wednesday. Jackie could not make it because she was hanging out with her dad. Miso soup, Pork dumplings, and Spring Rolls. YUM.

March 8th

For my Psychology course I have to case a study on a child. This is the classroom I've been spending a few hours per week observing. I found that my favorite thing about children is their honesty. If you look like crap, they tell you. If you look great, they let you know. And if they don't understand something, well they tell you that to. Sometimes they tell you a little too much about themselves or family but children and espicially children's minds and spirit are so pure and sweet. Children are so incredibly bright and are like sponges when it comes to learning and listening. I've really enjoyed the time I have been spending with these kiddies.

March 7th

Monday was spent e-maling professors, catching up on cleaning, laundry, and homework. I was already missing the warm weather with my feet in the sand and the clear ocean. But, something else seemed to warm my heart. While I was away my friend Kelly sent me flowers "just for being a good friend" that made me feel really really good. I thought it was so thoughtful and sweet. Thanks KellBell for making me smile :) Kelly and I met at Salisbury when I attended school for a semester. We have talked and kept in great touch since I left. Recently we have been talking every single day. I'm heading down to SU when ACCC let's out for Spring Break, and I can't wait to see her!

Monday 28th - Sunday 6th

Punta Cana was beautiful! We had flawless weather and the resort was stunning. Two men who worked there, Carlos and Yonathan made the trip for us. They were so great to us, they always made sure we had everything we needed. I also loved the pool bar! Now, I'm not going to lie, the resturants at the resort were not the best, a little dissapointed in them. Also, we had to take turns waking up at 7 a.m. to grab a seat by the pool which was a bummer sometimes. Overall, the trip was great but next time I think we may head to Los Cabos ;)

Sunday 27th

Up in the air! On our way to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The DR was a quick three hour flight out of Philadelphia. I was a bit hesitant on heading to Punta Cana simply to soak up the sun when the country is in such poverty. Also with Haiti right next to, with the devistation of the earthquake and being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere I couldn't help but think of the missionary trip I took two years early to the country. It was a silent struggle the whole plane ride. I deciced to take the advice I took from a girlfriend of mine earlier that week, when I was speaking about it with her she told me not to feel guilty because going to their country offered jobs and lively hoods for people and tourism is what they live off of. She is right, so with that in my mind I took a deep breathe and kept telling myself I was helping the country.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saturday 26th

These are the type of Photos my brother Justin send me on the regular.

Febraruary 25th

Chris Cleave, one of my favortie authors. He wrote my all time favorite book "Little Bee". Can't wait to start reading this!

Monday, March 7, 2011

February 24th

Oh Channing. I have had a love for Channing Tatum ever since I saw Step Up. Love you Chan!